Strabo 14.1.18

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Σάμιος δ’ ἦν καὶ Κρεώφυλος, ὅν φασι δεξάμενον ξενίαι ποτὲ Ὅμηρον λαβεῖν δῶρον τὴν ἐπιγραφὴν τοῦ ποιήματος ὃ καλοῦσιν Οἰχαλίας ἅλωσιν. Καλλίμαχος Epigram 6 Pfeiffer δὲ τοὐναντίον ἐμφαίνει δι’ ἐπιγράμματός τινος ὡς ἐκείνου μὲν ποιήσαντος λεγομένου δ’ Ὁμήρου διὰ τὴν λεγομένην ξενίαν.

Creophylus too was a Samian, and they say that he once gave hospitality to Homer and received as a gift the attribution of the poem which they call the Capture of Oechalia. Conversely, Callimachus indicates in an epigram that he (Creophylus) composed it, and that it was said to be by Homer because of the aforementioned hospitality.

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