Scholion, Hesiod Works and Days 27a, p. 17 Pertusi

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M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus

ὦ Πέρση: τὰ κατὰ τὸν Πέρσην, ἤτοι ἱστορικῶς ἐκληπτέον ἢ πλασματικῶς καὶ ὑποθετικῶς διὰ τὸ εὐπρόσωπον εὐπρόσωπον Schulz: ἀπρόσωπον M τοῦ λόγου.

‘O Perses’: What he says about Perses must be understood either historically or as a matter of fiction and dramatic writing for the sake of giving an attractive character to the discourse.

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