Scholion, Hesiod Works and Days (Prolegomena Ac 7-13, p. 2 Pertusi)

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ὅτι δὲ τὸ προοίμιόν τινες διέγραψαν, ὥσπερ ἄλλοι τε καὶ Ἀρίσταρχος ὀβελίζων τοὺς στίχους, καὶ Πραξιφάνης ὁ τοῦ Θεοφράστου μαθητής, μηδὲ τοῦτο ἀγνοοῦμεν· οὗτος μέντοι καὶ ἐντυχεῖν φησὶν ἀπροοιμιάστωι τῶι βιβλίωι καὶ ἀρχομένωι χωρὶς τῆς ἐπικλήσεως τῶν Μουσῶν ἐντευθεν· “οὐκ ἄρα μοῦνον ἔην ἐρίδων γένος” Hesiod, Op. 11..

It is also known that some have deleted the proem, Aristarchus among others, who puts an obelos beside the verses, and Praxiphanes the pupil of Theophrastus. Indeed, Praxiphanes asserts that he encountered a version without the proem and beginning without the invocation to the Muses from the verse ‘so there is not just one race of Strifes’.

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