Planudean Anthology 306 = xxxi Gow-Page HE

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Πρέσβυν Ἀνακρείοντα χύδαν σεσαλαγμένον οἴνῳ
θάεο δινωτοῦ στρεπτὸν ὕπερθε λίθου,
ὡς ὁ γέρων λίχνοισιν ἐπ' ὄμμασιν ὑγρὰ δεδορκὼς
ἄχρι καὶ ἀστραγάλων ἕλκεται ἀμπεχόναν·
δισσῶν δ' ἀρβυλίδων τὰν μὲν μίαν, οἷα μεθυπλήξ,
ὤλεσεν· ἐν δ' ἑτέρᾳ ῥικνὸν ἄραρε πόδα.
μέλπει δ' ἠὲ Βάθυλλον ἐφίμερον ἠὲ Μεγιστέα Μεγιστᾶν M : Μεγιστέα Brunck,
αἰωρῶν παλάμᾳ τὰν δυσέρωτα χέλυν.
ἀλλά πάτερ Διόνυσε, φύλασσέ μιν· οὐ γὰρ ἔοικεν
ἐκ Βάκχου πίπτειν Βακχιακὸν θέραπα.

See old Anacreon, stuffed with too much wine, bent over on that rounded base, see how the old man moistly stares with hungry eyes, and how his shawl falls right down to his ankles. Of his two shoes, like a drunk, he has lost one, and into the other is crammed his wrinkly foot. He sings of lovely Bathyllus or Megisteus, holding up in his hand his love-lorn lyre. But father Dionysus, watch out for him. For it would not be seemly for the servant of Bacchus to collapse at Bacchus’ hand.

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