Pausanias, Description of Greece 2.13.6 = T 125b Radt

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P = reading on a papyrus

ἐνταῦθά ἐστι καὶ Ἀριστίου μνῆμα τοῦ Πρατίνου· τούτωι τῶι Ἀριστίαι σάτυροι καὶ Πρατίναι τῶι πατρί εἰσι πεποιημένοι πλὴν τῶν Αἰσχύλου δοκιμώτατοι δοκιμώτατοι Meineke: δοκιμώτατα M.

There is also a memorial there to Aristias, son of Pratinas. The satyr plays composed by this Aristias and his father Pratinas were more acclaimed than any besides those of Aeschylus.

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