Hellenistic Blind Type Homer

Hellenistic Blind Type Homer.jpg

Image: Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 40.

Object description: Marble portrait bust of Homer. Roman emulation of Greek portrait (second-century B.C.). The most famous sculptural type of Homer, reproduced by Rembrandt, Ingres and Korzhev, among others.

Object archaeology: Unknown.

Dimensions: height 50.5cm.

Inscriptions: None.

Restorations: Nose.

Examples in major collections (after Richter 1965 with updates):

  • Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, no. 04.13.
  • Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, I.N. 2818.
  • Florence, Museo Archeologico, inv. 1646.
  • Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, 10341 (half sized and possibly modern).
  • London, British Museum, no. 1805,0703.85.
  • Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, E00076.
  • Mantua, Palazzo Ducale, no. 75.
  • Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inv. 6023.
  • Paris, Louvre, no. Ma 440.
  • Potsdam, Sanssouci.
  • Princeton, University Art Museum, no. 62.134.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 39.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 40.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 41.
  • Rome, Musei Vaticani, Galleria Geografica, inv. 2890.
  • Rome, Villa Albani, inv. 721.
  • Schwerin, Staatliches Museum, Schwerin, inv. 1900.
  • Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare, Salone Capitolare.
  • Wiltshire, Wilton House.


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