Callimachus, Epigram 6

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Toῦ Σαμίου πόνος εἰμὶ δόμωι ποτὲ θεῖον ἀοιδὸν
δεξαμένου, κλείω δ’ Εὔρυτον ὅσσ’ ἔπαθεν,
καὶ ξανθὴν Ἰόλειαν, Ὁμήρειον δὲ καλεῦμαι
γράμμα· Κρεωφύλωι, Ζεῦ φίλε, τοῦτο μέγα.

I am the work of the Samian man who once received the divine singer in his house, and I sing what Eurytus and blond Iole suffered; but I am called Homeric: this is great, dear Zeus, for Creophylus.

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