Athenaeus, Sophists at Dinner 12.46 (533f-534a) = Anacreon 21 Bergk = 54 Diehl = 82 Gentili = 388 (Anacreon 43) Page PMG

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M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus

πρὶν Ξανθῆι δε γ’ Εὐρυπύληι μέλει / ὁ περοφόρητος Ἀρτέμων. (= Anacreon 27, Athenaeus 12.533 f) ante πρὶν add. Bergk (cf. Bergk Poetae Lyrici Graeci III (Leipzig, 1914) 261-2) μὲν ἔχων βερβέριον, καλύμματ' ἐσφηκωμένα,
καὶ ξυλίνους ἀστραγάλους ἐν ὠσὶ καὶ ψιλὸν περὶ ὠσὶ καὶ ψιλὸν περὶ m : ψιλὸν ἔχων περὶ m : ὠσὶν καὶ ψιλὸν περὶ m
πλευρῇσι <–⏓–> <δέρμ’ ᾔει> (sive <δέρμ’ ἔβη> Bergk) βοός,
νήπλυτον νήπλυτον Schoemann, Page, Campbell : νεόπλουτον m : νεόπλυτον m εἴλυμα κακῆς ἀσπίδος, ἀρτοπώλισιν
κἀθελοπόρνοισιν ὁμιλέων ὁ πονηρὸς Ἀρτέμων,
κίβδηλον εὑρίσκων βίον,
πολλὰ μὲν ἐν δουρὶ τιθεὶς τιθεὶς M : δεθεὶς Herwenden, Cobet, Bergk αὐχένα, πολλὰ δ' ἐν τροχῷ,
πολλὰ δὲ νῶτον σκυτίνῃ δὲ νῶτον σκυτίνῃ Bergk, Page, Campbell : δ’ ἐν ὠτω σκυτίνω M : δὲ νῶτα σκυτίνῃ Elmsley μάστιγι θωμιχθείς, κόμην
πώγωνά τ' ἐκτετιλμένος·
νῦν δ' ἐπιβαίνει σατινέων χρύσεα φορέων καθέρματα
†παῖς Κύκης† †παῖς Κύκης† Page, Campbell : παῖς ὁ Κύκης Hermann : πάις Κύκης Dindorf, Kaibel καὶ σκιαδίσκην ἐλεφαντίνην φορεῖ
γυναιξὶν αὔτως <–⏑–> <–⏑–> Page, Campbell : <ἐμφερης > Hermann.

Not long ago he wore a shabby shawl, a headscarf pinched in a top-knot, wooden dice in his ears and a bare ox-<hide> about his ribs, the unwashed covering of a hateful shield: the shameful Artemon, keeping company with the bakers and easy-prostitutes, eking out a criminal living. He often placed his neck in the stocks, he was often in the treadwheel, he often had his back whipped with a leather scourge, or had his hair and beard plucked out. Now though he goes about in a carriage, wearing gold earrings, child of Cyce, and carries an ivory parasol, just as women <carry> them.

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