Athenaeus, Sophists at Dinner 10.29 (427a-b) = Anacreon 43 Diehl = 63 Bergk = 33 Gentili = 356 (Anacreon 11) Page PMG

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παρὰ δὲ Ἀνακρέοντι εἷς οἴνου πρὸς δύο ὕδατος·

ἄγε δὴ φέρ' ἡμὶν, ὦ παῖ,
κελέβην, ὅκως ἄμυστιν
προπίω, τὰ μὲν δέκ' ἐγχέας δέκ' ἐγχέας m (cf. et Ath. 11.475c) : δ' ἐγχέας m
ὕδατος, τὰ πέντε δ' οἴνου
κυάθους, ὡς ἀνυβρίστως ἂν ὑβριστιῶσανα M : ἀνυβρίστως Pauw, Kaibel, Campbell : ἂν ὑβριστιῶς Page, Olson
ἀνὰ δηὖτε βασσαρήσω.

καὶ προελθὼν τὴν ἀκρατοποσίαν Σκυθικὴν καλεῖ πόσιν·

ἄγε δηὖτε, μηκέτ' οὕτω
πατάγῳ τε κἀλαλητῷ
Σκυθικὴν πόσιν παρ' οἴνῳ
μελετῶμεν, ἀλλὰ καλοῖς
ὑποπίνοντες ἐν ὕμνοις.

According to Anacreon [the right proportions are] one measure of wine to two of water:

Come now lad, bring me a cup, so that I can drink a deep draught. Pour in ten ladles of water, and five of wine, so that once again I can respectably make my devotions to Bacchus.

And later on he calls the drinking of neat wine ‘Scythian’:

Come again then, and let us not practice Scythian drinking with all its banging and crashing, but rather drink moderately, and with beautiful hymns.

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