Modena Type Homer

Modena Type Homer.jpg

Image: Modena, Museo Estense, no. 2121.

Object description: Inscribed miniature bust, in bronze. Beard of short thick locks. Hair radiating from crown; fringe parted over centre of forehead and tucked under poetic fillet. Cloak visible on left shoulder. Wrinkles on forehead, and eyes appear partly closed.

Object Archaeology: Find-site unknown. Collection history (after Richter 1965): Villa Catajo; Modena; Vienna; Modena, Museo Estense.

Dimensions: Height: 13.5cm

Inscriptions: ΟΜΗΡΟC (“Homer”)

Restorations: None

Examples in major collections (after Richter 1965 with updates):

  • Modena, Museo Estense, no. 2121.
  • Berlin, Staatliche Museen, inv. 8091.


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