Valerius Maximus 9.12.(ext.)7

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At Pindarus, cum in gymnasio super gremium pueri, quo unice delectabatur, capite posito quieti se dedisset, non prius decessisse cognitus est quam gymnasiarcho claudere iam eum locum uolente nequiquam excitaretur. cui quidem crediderim eadem benignitate deorum et tantum poeticae facundiae et tam placidum uitae finem attributum.

But Pindar, when he fell asleep in the gymnasium with his head placed above the lap of the boy in whom he alone took delight, no one noticed his passing until he couldn’t be awakened by the master of the gym who wanted to close up. I certainly would believe both such poetic eloquence and so calm an end to life were given to him because of the same benevolence of the gods.

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