Pindar, Nemean 5.1-3

How to quote this translation

M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus

Οὐκ ἀνδριαντοποιός εἰμ’, ὥστ’ ἐλινύσοντα ἐλινύσοντα M : ἐλινύσοντά μ’ Brubach ἐργαζεσθαι ἀγάλματ’ ἐπ’ αὐτᾶς βαθμιδος
ἑσταότ’· ἀλλ’ ἐπι πάσας ὁλκάδος ἔν τ’ ἀκάτῳ, γλυκεῖ’ ἀοιδά,
στεῖχ’ ἀπ’ Αἰγίνας…

I am not a sculptor, not one to carve statues that stand motionless on their pedestals. Sweet song, go forth from Aigina on every ship and every skiff…

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