Palatine Anthology 7.44 = Fragmentary Greek Epigrams 570-5 Page = T 234 Kannicht

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Ἴωνος εἰς (τὸν) αὐτόν·

εἰ καὶ δακρυόεις, Εὐριπίδη, εἷλέ σε πότμος,
     καί σε λυκορραῖσται δεῖπνον ἔθεντο κύνες,
τὸν σκηνῆς μελίγηρυν ἀηδόνα, κόσμον Ἀθηνῶν,
     τὸν σοφίηι Μουσέων μιξάμενον χάριτα,
ἀλλ’ ἔμολες Πελλαῖον ὑπ’ ἠρίον, ὡς ἂν ὁ λάτρις
     Πιερίδων ναίηις ἀγχόθι Πιερίης.

Ion to the same (Euripides):

Even though a tearful fate took you, Euripides, and wolf-devouring dogs made a meal of you, the honey-voiced nightingale of the stage, adornment to Athens, who mixed grace with the wisdom of the Muses, nonetheless you were placed in a tomb in Pella, so that the servant of the Pierides might dwell near Mt. Pieria.

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