Palatine Anthology 7.43 = Fragmentary Greek Epigrams 566-9 Page = T 233 Kannicht

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Ἴωνος εἰς Εὐριπίδην

χαῖρε μελαμπετάλοις, Εὐριπίδη, ἐν γυάλοισι
     Πιερίας τὸν ἀεὶ νυκτὸς ἔχων θάλαμον·
ἴσθι δ’ ὑπὸ χθονὸς ὢν ὅτι σοι κλέος ἄφθιτον ἔσται
     ἶσον Ὁμηρείαις ἀεναίοις χάρισιν.

Ion to Euripides:

Hail Euripides, who have your eternal bed-chamber of night in Pieria’s dark-leafed hollows: now that you are beneath the earth, know that your glory will be imperishable, equal to Homer’s ever-flowing Graces.

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