Ovid, Loves 3.9.59-64

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P = reading on a papyrus

si tamen e nobis aliquid nisi nomen et umbra
    restat, in Elysia ualle Tibullus erit.
obuius huic uenies uenies m : uenias m hedera iuuenalia iuuenalia m : iuuenilia m cinctus
    tempora cum Caluo, docte Catulle, tuo;
tu quoque, si falsum est temerati crimen amici,
    sanguinis atque animae prodige Galle tuae.

And yet, if anything of us survives but a name and a shade, Tibullus lives in some valley in Elysium. You welcome him, your young brow wreathed with ivy, learned Catullus, with your Calvus; you, too, Gallus, who threw away your life and spirit, if the charge of friendship violated is untrue.

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