Nicolaus of Damascus, Fragments of the Greek Historians 90 F 103 (v) ap. Stob. 4.2.25 p. 159, 4 Hense = T 23 Kannicht

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Βοιωτῶν ἔνιοι τοὺς χρέος οὐκ ἀποδιδόντας εἰς ἀγορὰν ἄγοντες καθίσαι κελεύουσιν, εἶτα κόφινον ἐπιβάλλουσιν αὐτῶι αὐτῶι m : αὐτῶ m : αὐτῶν m· ὃς δ’ ἂν κοφινωθῆι, ἄτιμος γίνεται. δοκεῖ δὲ τοῦτο πεπονθέναι καὶ ὁ Εὐριπίδου πατὴρ Βοιωτὸς ὢν τὸ γένος.

Some of the Boeotians lead those who have not repaid their debts to the marketplace, order them to sit down, and then throw a basket on them. Anyone who is made ‘a basket case’ loses his citizen rights. It seems that even the father of Euripides, who was Boeotian by origin, suffered this penalty.

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