Naples Type Hesiod

Naples Type Hesiod.jpg

Image: Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inv. no. 6736

Object Description: A marble relief shows an elderly man wearing a himation (mantle). He has a long beard, rustic staff, and sits next to a capsis (scroll-case), on which rests a bundle of scrolls. Behind the figure is a curtain, and at his feet is a sheep. The relief has been dated stylistically to the late second century CE and was once part of a sarcophagus.

Object Archaeology: Unknown. Once part of the Farnese Collection.

Inscriptions: None.

Dimensions: height 60 cm, width 47cm.

Examples in major collections:

  • Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inv. no. 6736. Sarcophagus relief.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini inv. 523, Stanza dei Filosofi no. 14. Heavily restored head that closely resembles that of Naples sarcophagus.
  • Memphis, Egypt, figure no. 4 (of 11) in the exhedra of the Sarapieion dromos. A highly fragmentary figure that resembles the Naples relief.


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