Lateran Type Sophocles

Lateran Type Sophocles.jpg

Object Description: Standing marble statue identified as Sophocles by its very close likeness to a small inscribed bust (Musei Vaticani, Sala delle Muse, inv. 322).

Object Archaeology: Found at Terracina in 1839.

Inscriptions: None

Restorations: Much of the face; the feet, plinth, and scroll case (scrinium); part of the right hand; small patches of mantle (Richter 1965: 129).

Dimensions: Height: 204 cm.

Examples of type in major collections (after Richter 1965: 129-130):

  • Rome, Musei Vaticani. Full-length statue.
  • Rome, Musei Vaticani, Sala delle Muse, inv. 322. Small inscribed bust.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 22. Herm with reattached head.
  • Rome, Musei Capitolini, Stanza dei Filosofi, no. 23. Head on modern herm.
  • Rome, Villa Albani, Caffeehaus, no. 731. Head on modern herm, inscribed “Solon”.
  • Florence, Galleria degli Uffizi, inv. 1914, no. 377. Head on unrelated herm.
  • Florence, Archaeological Museum, inv. 1645. Bronze bust, possibly a seventeenth- or eighteenth-century copy.
  • Florence, Palazzo Riccardi. Front part of head.

Richter reports several others that could not be found in 1965.


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