Horace, Ode 3.4.9-20

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me fabulosae Vulture in Apulo
nutricis extra limina pergulae limina pergulae Baehrens: limina Pulliae m: limen Apuliae m10
     ludo fatigatumque somno
     fronde noua puerum palumbes

texere, mirum quod foret omnibus,
quicumque celsae nidum Aceruntiae
     saltusque Bantinos et aruum15
     pingue tenent humilis Forenti,

ut tuto ab atris corpore uiperis
dormirem et ursis, ut premerer sacra
     lauroque conlataque myrto,
     non sine dis animosus infans.20

Miraculous doves covered me with fresh leaves in Apulian Vultur as a boy, beyond the threshold of my nurse’s cottage, exhausted from playing and overcome by sleep, which was a wonder to all who inhabit the nest of high Acherontia and the glades of Bantia and the rich fields of low-lying Forentum, so that I should sleep with my body safe from black snakes and bears, covered by sacred laurel and gathered myrtle, a spirited child with the gods on his side.

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