Gaetulicus, Anthologia Palatina 7.71.1-4

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σῆμα τόδ’ Ἀρχιλόχου παραπόντιον, ὅς ποτε πικρὴν
        Μοῦσαν ἐχιδνάιωι πρῶτος ἔβαψε χόλωι,
αἱμάξας Ἑλικῶνα τὸν ἥμερον. οἶδε Λυκάμβης,
        μυρόμενος τρισσῶν ἅμματα θυγατέρων.

This tomb that lies next to the sea is Archilochus’, who once upon a time was the first to dip the incisive Muse in venomous anger and who bloodied gentle Helicon. Lycambes knows this well as he grieves over the nooses of his three daughters.

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