Euripides, Alcestis 357-62 = Orph. 980 Bernabé

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M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus
εἰ δ’ ’Ορφέως μοι γλῶσσα καὶ μέλος παρῆν,
ὥστ’ ἢ ὥστ’ ἢ Reiske: ὡς τὴν M κόρην Δήμητρος ἢ κείνης πόσιν
ὕμνοισι κηλήσαντά σ’ ἐξ Ἅιδου λαβεῖν,
κατῆλθον ἄν, καί μ’ οὔθ’ ὁ Πλούτωνος κύων 360
οὔθ’ οὑπὶ κώπηι ψυχοπομπὸς ἂν Χάρων
ἔσχ’ ἄν ἔσχ’ ἄν Lenting: ἔσχον M, πρὶν ἐς φῶς σὸν καταστῆσαι βίον.

But if I had had the voice and music of Orpheus, so that, by bewitching the daughter of Demeter or her husband by my songs, I could lead you out of Hades, I would have descended, and neither the hound of Pluto, nor Charon at his oar, the transporter of souls, would have stopped me from bringing your life back to the light.

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