Epimenides Type Homer

Epimenides Type Homer.jpg

Image: Munich, Glyptothek, room 10: Saal des Alexander, inv. 273.

Object description: Marble head and neck of blind poet Homer. Roman emulation of mid-fifth-century Greek portrait.

Object Archaeology: ‘Gift of P. Arndt, who acquired it in Rome in 1892’ (Richter 1965: 47).

Dimensions: height 37cm.

Inscriptions: None.

Restorations: None.

Examples in major collections (after Richter 1965 with updates):

  • Rome, Musei Vaticani, Sala delle Muse, inv. 315
  • Rome, Musei Vaticani, Maggazini, inv. 7112
  • Rome, Museo Torlonia, inv. 163
  • Rome, Museo Barracco, inv. 123
  • Munich, Glyptothek, inv. 273
  • Moscow, State Historical Museum (half-size).


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