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Editing a page.

After logging in, all pages have an 'edit' link at the top right hand side. There are also 'edit' links to the right of each heading, which you can use to only edit one section.

Clicking on the Edit link gives you a basic text box with all of the "wiki syntax", which is like HTML, but simpler. See the Wiki Syntax section for help with writing and editing this text.

Once you have made a change, you can click on the "Show preview" button near the bottom to see how the page will look. (Note that layout near the top of the page will be slightly different for normal users, as they won't have the edit links.) You can scroll down to the bottom of the preview page, and make more changes if you want to, pressing "Show preview" again to see how things look.

Once you're happy with a change, click the "Save page" button to save it. The change is now live to the world.

Creating a new page



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Wiki Syntax

Feature Code Result Notes
This indents the quote.
<poem>my poem</poem>

my poem

This means that extra spaces at the start of a line, and linebreaks, are preserved. Use it for verse poetry.
''italic text''
italic text
'''bold text'''
bold text
Bold & Italic
'''''bold and italic text'''''
bold and italic text
Normal heading
== Normal heading ==

Normal heading

Small heading
=== Small heading ===

Small heading

Smaller heading
==== Smaller heading ====

Smaller heading

[[Page name|link text]]
link text


{{something}} or {{#something}} text is shorthand for something else. Sometimes they can have options separated by '|' characters, which is added in some way to the shorthand.

For example {{CollectionsBox|editor=Nora Goldschmidt}} shows a standardised box for a source saying that the text and translation is by Nora Goldschmidt.

These shorthands are technically called templates and parser functions, in case some computer person wants to know.

Textual notes / references

Code Result
This is {{#lemma: all body | And by ''all'', I mean ''full''.}} text.
This is all body And by all, I mean full. text.
... at {{#lemma: ''Theogony'' 22 | [[Hesiod, Theogony 22-34|Hes. ''Theog.'' 22-34]]}}
... at Theogony 22 Hes. Theog. 22-34

Note that these can't span across multiple paragraphs - in these cases you'll have to just pick the first paragraph that's covered by the note, and ensure the note makes its scope clear.

They also can't overlap, so you can't have a note covering a whole sentence with another note on a word in that sentence - in these situations you'll have only apply the whole sentence note to a part of it.


  • bullet lists
  • explanation of divs
  • different page class info
  • table for shorthand (e.g. all templates), with a link to template list