Diodorus of Sicily 1.7.7 = T 38b Kannicht

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ἔοικε δὲ περὶ τῆς τῶν ὅλων φύσεως οὐδ᾽ Εὐριπίδης διαφωνεῖν τοῖς προειρημένοις, μαθητὴς ὢν Ἀναξαγόρου τοῦ φυσικοῦ· ἐν γὰρ τῆι Μελανίππηι τίθησιν οὕτως Fr. 484 Kannicht·

It seems that even Euripides, who was a student of Anaxagoras, the natural philosopher, did not disagree with what has been said on the nature of all things, for he writes the following in the Melanippe

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