Aristophanes, Thesmophoriazusae 446-52 = T 170 Kannicht

How to quote this translation

M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus


ἐμοὶ γὰρ ἁνὴρ ἁνὴρ Brunck : ἀνὴρ M ἀπέθανεν μὲν ἐν Κύπρωι
παιδάρια πέντε καταλιπών, ἁγὼ μόλις
στεφανηποκοῦσ’ ἔβοσκον ἐν ταῖς μυρρίναις.
τέως μὲν οὖν ἀλλ’ ἡμικάκως ἐβοσκόμην.
νῦν δ’ οὗτος ἐν ταῖσι⟨ν⟩ ταῖσι⟨ν⟩ Brunck : ταῖσι M τραγωιδίαις ποιῶν
τοὺς ἄνδρας ἀναπέπεικεν οὐκ εἶναι θεούς,
ὥστ’ οὐκέτ’ ἐμπολῶμεν οὐδ’ εἰς ἥμισυ.


For my husband died in Cyprus, leaving behind five children, whom I scarcely managed to feed by making garlands in the myrtle-wreath market. During that time I kept myself more or less. But now this poet has persuaded men by his tragedies that gods don’t exist, so that I’m not even selling half what I sold before.

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