Aristophanes, Acharnians 5-8; Scholion to Aristophanes’ Acharnians 8a

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Aristophanes, Acharnians 5-8

M = reading of the whole MS tradition
m = reading of part of the MS tradition
P = reading on a papyrus

ἐγὦιδ’ ἐφ’ ὧι γε τὸ κέαρ ηὐφράνθην ηὐφράνθην Anon. Prol. Com. XXVIII Koster: εὐφράνθην M ἰδών,
τοῖς πέντε ταλάντοις οἷς Κλέων ἐξήμεσεν.
ταῦθ’ ὠς ἐγανώθην, καὶ φιλῶ τοὺς ἱππέας
διὰ τοῦτο τοὔργον· “ἄξιον γὰρ Ἑλλάδι Eur. Tel. fr. 720 Kannicht.”

I know what really warmed the cockles of my heart when I saw it: the five talents that Cleon coughed up. How delighted I was about that! And I love the Knights on account of that deed. “For it was a worthwhile thing for Greece.”

Scholion to Aristophanes’ Acharnians 8a

εἰς τὸ δρᾶμα τῶν Ἱππέων ἀποτείνεται. Διὰ τούτους τούτους Meiners: τούτου m: τοῦτο m γὰρ φαίνεται καταδικασθεὶς ὁ Κλέων τάλαντα ε.

He is referring to the play The Knights. For, on account of this, Cleon seems to have been fined five talents.

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